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As a lifelong learner of languages, daily exchanger of cultures, born teacher at heart and lover of all things Italian, there's nothing more fulfilling than sharing the Italian language and culture to learners of all levels and ages.  Let me take you to an animated world where every word is filled with music and a passion for living la bella vita! 
Firenze, Italia used to be home and now I'm excited to share the beauties of Italian in the San Francisco Bay Area. My BA degreee is in Art History & Fine Art, my MA in Italian Studies, Museology & Photography, and I have completed Continuing Education programs both in Italy and the US in Language Arts Education, Multicultural Learning, Cross-Cultural Exchange, Curriculum Development and Intercultural Training.
As a former Italian Lecturer at Stanford University, I'm also able to create and adapt curricula at the academic level in conjunction with Italian Studies programs. I'm the Organizer for multiple Italian Language & Culture groups here in the San Francisco Bay Area. And with extensive experience working with various Italian organizations in education, the arts, marketing, tourism, professional training & translation fields, I bring together all these unique experiences to create programs that open infinite opportunities to discover and cultivate your language, cultural and professional skills in one!
I use a communicative teaching approach, in which together with my students, we identify and build on their individual strengths and learning style with my support in an open interactive dialogue. My language & cultural development immersion programs allow clients to apply their knowledge through guided practice and real-life situations. Applying a vast variety of instruction styles and materials, practical interaction & on-site implementation, my teaching and training is adaptable to all learning methods and settings. As I am very active in the Italian-speaking  community in the San Francisco Bay Area, I lead/organize/host many Italian happenings and always encourage my clients to attend Italian events and cultural groups throughout the area. I would love to learn about you and your experience with Italian to develop a plan together that expands your interests, travels and expectations...
Tutto su misura (Everything is customized)!
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